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First of all, thank you for checking this page! Since somehow you reached here, I should walk you through what this page and/or newsletter is about and why I am writing this one.

To introduce you quickly, I am Yogini, co-founder of Peerlist. I am a developer and I majorly spend my time behind one or the other screen 📺, either while coding, browsing, checking apps, scrolling, social media, talking (chatting) to people, and even while writing this!

Building a startup is a fun journey to go through and also very fulfilling… what I have learned or thought about in the past 2 years, I cannot even compare that with any other learning!

Hence this could be a very exciting journey of writing something down which I experienced mostly while building a startup by being behind the screen.

So this page will have a lot of randomness which might interest a few! If you feel it is interesting for you, then hit subscribe!

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I am a developer turned Founder and this is a space where I share my journey from behind the screens! What exactly happens and how do we do what we do? So if you are curious about understanding the process behind an early-stage startup, sign up :)


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